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Funny Animals

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!

These cute little critters adorned children's valentines from the forties through the sixties and beyond. The bright colors, great graphics, and cute sayings are as interesting and attractive today as they were back then. Children spent hours choosing just the right valentine for each of their classmates, matching the cards to their friends' personality traits. Which card would you have received? The brave lion? The silly monkey? The stubborn mule?
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fall for my line wild about you you can't duck me don't be a stinker slick chick
Hare today gone tomorrow These boots are made for walkin' Reckon raccoon is misspelled? a whale of a good time Purr-fect for me
Speak no evil. quit horsin' around You stole my heart.Heads I win, tails you lose. Monkeyin' around
Hop to it! Cuttin' loose Check out this phone! cool dude balance of my life
lion awake at night Don't be stubborn I'd go through hoops for you. to my honey

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