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Grandma's Postcards


The Valentines and Valentine postcards shown on this page were collected by my grandmother when she was a little girl. It was the fashion in those days to collect postcards and save them in a pretty scrapbook which was displayed on a table in the parlor for visitors to peruse and admire. Grandma was a lucky girl: her Daddy worked on the railroad and spoiled her by frequently sending her cards from different stops along the railway. She acquired many cards for her collection. The greeting cards at the bottom of the page came from her schoolmates. In the early part of this century, children exchanged Valentine cards in school just as they do today.
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Cupid opening trunk of hearts boy on his kneeschildren dancingRoses and a swallow girl with big hat
girl chewing dresshearts, flowers, and pretty girls jewels and big hatIt's in the cards. Cupid finds heart in snow
pansies and roses angels playing tennischildren and big heart
cat and roses pansies and forsythias robins' nest
flower girl children kissingCupid on swanappleblossoms

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