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Little Hearts


These little heart-shaped cards are from the twenties and the early thirties. Each of them has a "boy" side and a "girl" side. The side with the picture of the boy is embossed in gold and the side with the girl is trimmed in red. Folded at the top, they open to reveal sweet little verses and delightful black and white drawings of children.
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I've lost a heart but I'm not blue
Because I know it's safe with you.
I need not send a Valentine
To tell you what I know
But Valentine, this one is here
Because I love you so.
If I could get your ear a minute
Here's what I think I'd whisper
in it,~I L*** Y**
People love flowers
Flowers love dew
Some may love others
But I love you.
There is no one else I ever knew
Who appealed to me the way you do.
I'm not your Valentine, but gee!
The whole world knows
I want to be.
Please don't return my heart to me
Because it's yours "for keeps" you see!

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