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Vintage Valentines


Valentines, valentines
Gladly we send
That they may bring pleasure
To some little friend.

Throughout the twentieth century it has been customary to send valentines as tokens of love, affection, or friendship. February 14th has been a day for lovers, friends, admirers, and schoolchildren to express their feelings by sending thoughtful, carefully chosen cards. Showcased here are samples of valentine cards from each decade, plus a special section of cards for schoolteachers.

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The valentines are shown roughly in chronological order, beginning with turn of the century cards that belonged to my grandmother and continuing through the sixties.The little heart cards were popular in the twenties, the old machines are mostly from the forties, and the rest of the cards, including the ones with puns and funny animals, are mainly from the fifties. In the "For the Teacher" section, you'll find cards from every decade.

Do you remember Valentines Day from your schooldays?The teacher decorated a big box with pretty red or pink construction paper, lacy white doilies, and crepe paper ribbons for a classroom "Mailbox." On Valentines Day you deposited your carefully chosen cards into the box. Excitement and anticipation mounted until after lunch when the Valentine Party began. Postmasters were designated and the cards were delivered. What a thrill it was to open those valentines! Each one had been carefully selected and held special meaning for the recipient. And from the corner of your eye, you sneaked a peak at your secret "love" to see what reaction she/he had when the card from YOU was opened. Would she lay it aside nonchalantly or send you an admiring glance?

The For the Teacher section features collections of valentines given to teachers from 1908 through the sixties.These were collected from old teachers who saved all the precious cards their adoring students gave them. Some had them in scrapbooks.Others had them mounted. Now, isn't that sweet? Who woudda thunk it? And you thought all teachers were old battleaxes.

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